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MB engineering Aluminium radiators highly efficient.High thermal efficiencies make them perfect for heating systems,
smooth clean lines and slim profiles make them perfect for both new builds and refurbishments.

Steel Panel Radiators

M.B Engineering radiators are Europe's bast and are sold world-wide. They are tested are 13 bars pressures. They are made form 1.25 mm cold rolled stainless steel and last for years and years. Each raidiators has a bleeed value which allows air trapped inside to be expelled with the sample turn of a key without loss of water or system having to be shut down. All Radiators carry 5 years guarantee MB. Engineering panel radiators are produced by the well advanced technology of Hans Schefer Heitechnik AG & Germany. The heating surface are maximized by welding the high converters directly on hot liquid channels. The radiators are prepared without touching of each part of the process; It is highly durable against moisture and blows. It comes complete with a compact value built into the radiators boy that results in high efficiency using minimum energy. All radiators come in a strong protective packaging with protective cardboard edges.

Aluminum Panel Radiators

Aluminum Radiators offer highest rate of efficiency. It also makes a difference with its interior design and outlook. Aluminum radiator products are resistant to highly hydrostatic pressures. Aluminum radiators are 80% lighter in weight than the radiators made from iron sheet. Aluminum radiators are multi-functional products and highly decorative, open to special uses in the bathroom kitchen etc. They are the most advantageous solution for those who value the cost of installation, together with the cost of operation and long life of usage.

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